Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Georgia Chapter

Truths and Myths of the Vietnam War

Many of our members are also members of the Atlanta Vietnam Veteran Business Association (AVVBA) whose Foundation has produced an important film to set the record straight after decades of misinformation that has presented a skewed historical perspective of the Vietnam War.

Please click the link below to view this important film.

Truths & Myths video link

Our Mission

To enhance and accredit the cohesiveness, esprit de corps, and traditions of valor of rotary wing Pilots that flew in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era.

To seek out, using whatever means available, individuals who piloted rotary wing aircraft in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era and inform them of the existence of the GA-VHPA and encourage all eligible individuals to become members.


Our members gather for lunch every other month to enjoy the brotherhood of fellow Vietnam Helicopter Pilots, get an update on GAVHPA activities, and hear presentations on important topics for veterans.

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